Digital Twin

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Filing Solar Power Permits in 2020? Consider the Following Important Factors

7 Digital Twin Applications for Manufacturing

The role of digital twins is expanding into manufacturing for quality management, supply chain management, predictive maintenance, and customer experience.

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Energy Department Research Will Help Eagles Coexist with Wind Energy Deployment

‘Digital twins’ can help monitor infrastructure and save us billions

Urban infrastructure – bridges, roads, railways, pipelines, power transmission towers and so on – must be inspected regularly to operate safely. Imagine if we used advanced technologies available to us, such as wireless sensors, mobile apps and machine learning, to remotely inspect and maintain this infrastructure.

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How to Add Battery Backup to an Existing Grid Tied Solar System by Yourself!

How digital twins could transform the wind energy industry

Think of a digital twin as a digital “mirror” of a physical asset that can allow users to see what’s going on under the hood without needing to be physically present. The physical asset, perhaps an engine or a turbine, is built with carefully placed sensors that can collect real-time data and operational status.

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